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The Joiner and Cabinet Maker The Joiner And Cabinet Maker Is A Huge Book With Than 370 Pages Of Detailed Handtool Instruction, Including Many Processes That Have Not Been Covered Before In The Early Woodworking Literature Though This Sounds Impossible, Please Read On.Let S Begin In 1839 In That Year, An English Publisher Issued A Small Book On Woodworking That Has Until Now Escaped Detection By Scholars, Historians And Woodworkers.Titled The Joiner And Cabinet Maker, This Short Book Was Written By An Anonymous Tradesman And Tells The Fictional Tale Of Thomas, A Lad Of 13 Or 14 Who Is Apprenticed To A Rural Shop That Builds Everything From Built Ins To Elaborate Veneered Casework The Book Was Written To Guide Young People Who Might Be Considering A Life In The Joinery Or Cabinetmaking Trades, And Every Page Is Filled With Surprises.Unlike Other Woodworking Books Of The Time, The Joiner And Cabinet Maker Focuses On How Apprentices Can Obtain The Basic Skills Needed To Work In A Hand Tool Shop It Begins With Thomas Tending The Fire To Keep The Hide Glue Warm, And It Details How He Learns Stock Preparation, Many Forms Of Joinery And Casework Construction It Ends With Thomas Building A Veneered Mahogany Chest Of Drawers That Is French Polished However, This Is Not A Book For Children It Is A Book For Anyone Exploring Hand Tool Woodworking.Thanks To This Book, We Can Stop Guessing At How Some Operations Were Performed By Hand And Read First Hand How Joints Were Cut And Casework Was Assembled In One Rural England Shop.Even Delightful Is That Thomas Builds Three Projects During The Course Of His Journey In The Book, And There Is Enough Detail In The Text And Illustrations To Re Create These Three Projects Just As They Were Built In 1839.Here S What You Ll Find In Our Expanded Edition Of This Book A Historical Snapshot Of Early 19th Century England Moskowitz, A Book Collector And Avid History Buff, Explains What England Was Like At The Time This Book Was Written, Including The State Of The Labor Force And Woodworking Technology This Dip Into The Historical Record Will Expand Your Enjoyment Of Thomas S Tale The Complete Text Of The Joiner And Cabinet Maker, Unabridged And Unaltered We Present Every Word Of The 1839 Original Plus A Chapter On So Called Modern Tools Added In A Later Edition , With Footnotes From Moskowitz That Will Help You Understand The Significance Of The Story Chapters On The Construction Of The Three Projects From The Joiner And Cabinet Maker Schwarz Built All Three Projects A Packing Box, A Dovetailed Schoolbox And A Chest Of Drawers Using Hand Tools The Construction Chapters In This New Edition Of The Joiner And Cabinet Maker Show The Operations In The Book, Explain Details On Construction And Discuss The Hand Tool Methods That Have Arisen Since This Book Was Originally Published Complete Construction Drawings Lost Art Press Drafted All Three Projects In SketchUp To Create Detailed Drawings And Cutting Lists For The Modern Woodworker This Will Save You Hours Of Decoding The Construction Information Offered In The Joiner And Cabinet Maker.

Read The Joiner and Cabinet Maker   – rading–
  • Hardcover
  • 373 pages
  • The Joiner and Cabinet Maker
  • Anonymous
  • English
  • 09 October 2018
  • 9780578039268

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    It s nice that other people are even weirder about woodworking than I am Schwarz Moskowitz SM certainly are they made this old text a complete treat that any woodworker will love.It starts out with a great introduction then a short Historical section Both set the stage well for the text that follows The Original Text is an anonymous account of being a joiner s apprentice in the early 1800s comprising about 1 4 of the book 100 pages It s amazingly readable would have been worth it on its own, but a lot of common knowledge of the times is taken for granted SM fill in the blanks with perfectly placed footnotes Many are rather long, but all are extremely helpful For instance, amounts of pay are well explained fit into the context of the times Also, a lot of old techniques the reasons they were used I ve read a few other books of this nature, so some of the historical lessons were a review, but they were always succinct informative Even when I knew the information, I didn t feel as if it was repetitive.The Construction section is another 100 pages takes the reader through all 3 projects that were described in the original text built today with pictures Shwartz his 8...

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    Schwarz and Moskowitz presents this work of an anonymous carpenter that was published in 1839 as a guide for boys wanting to take up the trade This portion was written in a narrative form, an oddity in itself, and currently the only one available from this period It follows Thomas thru his apprenticeship, his work for a young lord that includes a packing case and school box as well as building a chest of drawers Addition material was added by the modern authors that expands on the society of working Victorian England from a slight later period based on writings by Mayhew and other reformers This is the first half of the book, and is a great peek into the life of an early 19th century carpenter.In the second half, Schwarz gives detailed instructions on building the three projects, including photos and drawings All three are a bit weird and a bit out of the ordinary, Included is information on working with cut nails, hide glue and milk paint, useful and until recently not well covered by most DIY except Furniture Making Plain Simple I m tempted to build the chest of drawers, I m using a blanket chest right now for everything and it s not as organized as I d like The school box would be a fun gift project, most people like unique, small boxes A tiny 1 2 size chestLike all Lost Art Press books, the printing and binding are first class, making it a pleasure to handle while reading Get it from the publisher direct, a ...

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    The Joiner and Cabinetmaker itself that is, the 19th century book is a beautiful, very readable story about the sort of work an early to mid 19th century joiner s apprentice might find himself doing and the environment in which he might be doing it The lifestyle presented is romanticised and idealised protagonist Thomas s master and colleagues are uncommonly kind, and fellow apprentice Sam is a convenient Goofus to Thomas s supremely capable Gallant but the three projects Thomas is shown to complete are genuine and replicable by the reader It s a very practical look at pre electricity woodworking, not suffering from the familiar cultish bullshit many modern hand woodworking proponents like to peddle.It s also only about a quarter of the Lost Art Press edition, with the remainder being a little bit of historical context or aiming to be a regrettable proportion of it is pseudo history and a lot of Christopher Schwarz replicating the three projects and advertising at...

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    A reprint of an 1839 book about a fictional Joiner s apprentice named Thomas This was part of a series of books describing various trades.The original text is a fun read but the addition of chapters after that section really elevate the book...

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    An interesting look at being a joiner s apprentice in early 1800s England, with some historical context and a walk thru the projects described in the original text Oriented to the hand tool woodworker, it contains a number ...

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    This isn t amazing literature, but this edited edition is awesome I found the history fascinating, and now I m going to start on my apprenticeship Thank you for all the hard work and research that went into this edition.

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    Great way to help get started in hand tool woodworking.

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