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A Plain and Sweet Christmas Romance Collection Enjoy A Simple Christmas, Sweetened By Love, In Historical Communities Of Plain Faith People Four Romances Develop Among The Ohio River Valley Quakers Of The Mid 1800s Two Mennonite Couples Face Influences From Outside Their Old Traditions Two Amish Couples From The Early 1900s Are Affected By World Events And In An Amana Community, Childhood Sweethearts Are Reunited Each Story Also Includes A Recipe For A Sweet Traditional Treat.

Free A Plain and Sweet Christmas Romance Collection   – rading–
  • Paperback
  • 448 pages
  • A Plain and Sweet Christmas Romance Collection
  • Jerry S. Eicher
  • 08 May 2018
  • 9781634097819

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About the Author: Jerry S. Eicher

Tina Eicher, and their four children in Virginia.

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    I have wanted to read this book since I ve seen it at Walmart in October.I wanted to like it I really did Unfortunately this book just didn t do it for me I think I only even liked one or two stories in the book I especially didn t like the Quaker and Amana stories I don t like the w...

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    I loved the historical aspect of each of the stories in this book, but some of them lacked any interesting twists to the stories.Some of the novellas were so sweet and enjoyable to read, whereas others were quite ...

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    Thank you to NetGalley and Barbour Publishing Inc., Barbour Books for allowing me to read this digital galley.I ve always been curious about this mixture of romance and faith novels and decided a good way to experience them would be through a collection of stories written by different authors What I found were nine wholesome, charming and relaxing looks at romance inside religious communities I m not very familiar with The added bonus is a recipe included at the end of each story One recipe was even from one of my favorite places to visit, Colonial Williamsburg This is the type of book where you can read one story a day to lift your spirits or read it from cover to cover to discover all the different situations you will find I ve listed the stories along with other information which was interesting to me so you can make sure you haven t read the stories before.Laura Lee Bliss A Crossroad to Love 2011 Quaker 1846 Waynesville, OhioRamona K Cecil Simple Gifts 2011 Quaker 1880 Serenity, IndianaDianne Christner A Christmas Prayer 2016 Mennonite 1881 Mountain Lake, MinnesotaMelanie Dobson Treasure of the Heart 2016 Amana Colonies 1907 Amana, iowaJerry Eicher Love is Forever 2016 Amish 1941 Lancaster Coun...

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    A beautiful collection of 9 Christmas stories by various authors Among them are Jerry Eicher , Olivia Newport and Melanie Dobson These novellas are all historical Romances from the Amish, Quaker, Mennonite and Amana Settlements The book cover is very pretty and festive The outside cover has a snow scene that continues on front and back cover flaps It would be very hard and would make my review too lengthy if I were to review each story I would like to mention that I found Equally Yoked by Claire Sanders to be an edge of the seat read I was very fortunate to have won a signed copy of this book from Jerry Eicher last Christmas The book had been in my TBR pile since then I finally pulled it out and read it Since I won it from Jerry I will review his novella from this book I wasn t told to give a review for the book but chose to do so Love is Forever by Jerry EicherMervin Yoder is in Love with Mattie Beiler He would like nothing than to propose marriage to her and make her his frau But times are uncertain as WWII spreads across Europe, with the possibility of America entering the war Mervin feels it would be unfair to Mattie to marry her only to be called up to serve as a conscientious objector far from home Mattie would love nothing than to marry Mervin and be his faithful bride waiting for his return from the war He s ca...

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    This is a group of 9 novellas all focusing on the simple Christmas and romance among the plain people I have to admit that I usually stay away from books written about the various plain sects Amish, Mennonite, Quaker, Amana Inspirationists because after reading many years ago I began to find them pretty much formulaic So I am delighted to say these novellas each had a little twist that made them much interesting Four romances develop among the Ohio River Valley Quakers of the mid 1800s Two Mennonite couples face influences from outside their old traditions Two Amish couples from the early 1900s are affected by world events And in an Amana community, childhood sweethearts are reunited Each story also includes a recipe for a sweet traditional treat I was disappointed that there were some formatting issues with the Kindle version The stories focus on forgiveness, second chances, spiritual growth, acceptance and, of course, Christmas romance My favorites were Loves Pure Light the house to house Nativity was such a beautiful reminder of the true spirit of Christmas Pirate of My Heart feisty Keturah finds way adventure than she ever expected and discovers the true meaning of love versus romance Equally Yoked Susanna was such an inspiration and found she had gumption than she ever thought possible as well as learning what faith really meant Abigail s Christmas Candles Mennonite Abigail Yoder, teacher, brought change from New York to Hope, Wisconsin Some in...

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    Christmas traditions are so important and while the various plain religious sects celebrate in a different way, they are equally interesting This novella collection explores the Christmas traditions of the Amana, Quakers, Amish and Mennonites Add a bit of romance, a cup of tea, a warm blanket and comfy chair, and you have the makings of a few wonderful moments I love reading novellas as they can be read quickly and you can read a different one each day if you like Nine authors combine their unique writing styles to tantalize your need for romance and history The novellas span from 1800 to 1941 I am an avid reader of Plain fiction so the various sects were not overly unusual to me, but I always learn new things as I read Recipes from each novella are an added bonus Novellas in the collection A Crossroad to Love by Lauralee Bliss 1846, Waynesville, OhioSimple Gifts by Ramona K Cecil 1880, Serenity, IndianaA Christmas Prayer by Dianne Christner 1881, Mountain Lake, MinnesotaTreasure of the Heart by Melanie Dobson 1907, Amana, IowaLove is Forever by Jerry Eicher 1941, Lancaster County, PennsylvaniaLove s Pure Light by Olivia Newport 1910, Lancaster County, PennsylvaniaPirate of My Heart by Rachael O Phillips 1825, Rock Cave, IllinoisEqually Yoked by Claire Sanders 1838, Southern OhioAbigail s Christmas Candles by A...

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    This book has something for anyone who likes a good clean Christmas story, with a bit of romance thrown in.You are in for a real treat, only have a little bit of time for reading, there are nine novellas here, and you will be finishing one and ready to start another in no time.These are plain people, Amish, and Menn...

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    A Plain and Sweet Christmas Romance Collection is a collection of nine wonderful stories These nine stories include A Crossroad to Love by Lauralee BlissSimple Gifts by Ramona K CecilA Christmas Prayer by Dianne ChristnerTreasure of the Heart by Melanie DobsonLove is Forever by Jerry EicherLove s Pure Light by Olivia NewportPirate of M...

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    This collection of novellas was a treat to read Short enough to read quickly, but that doesn t mean they aren t great stories The authors have done a wonderful job of capturing the flavor of each community.With forgiveness and sweet romance, this collection is the perfect Christmas reading And who can resist the recipe that comes with each story Please make the time this Christmas season to read A Plain and Sweet Christmas Romance Collection You won t regret it.A received a complimen...

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    If you re new to Amish fiction, and love the idea of a Christmas setting with some great story lines, then you might want to pick up A Plain and Sweet Christmas Romance collection In it you will find 9 different Christmas Romances of Amish, Mennonite, Quaker and Amana settlements, which vary in some of the dress styles, their religious beliefs, and manner of speech They hold fast to the belief that what happens stays in their communities to handle and marrying outside of the church, can often result in a shunning from the community especially if they have been baptized into their churches Yet the one thing that remains clear in all of them, is their sense of support within the community Help is always offered from within regarding medical issue, issues dealing with breaking the law and tragedies They are always there for one another The best part also of this series, is it gives you a brief insight into the style of writing each of the nine authors This will help you decide if you want to pick up full length novels of other books in that genre as well It is well worth it too, if time is an issue Reading them one at a time, as you have time available, keeps you from feeling overwhelmed about not being able to get through a larger novel, than these nine stories provide The nine authors that have contributed to this collection are Jerry Eicher, Olivia Newport, Lauralee Bliss, Ramona K.Cecil, Dianne Christner, Melanie Dobson, Rachael O Phillips, Clair...

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