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Doctor Who A New Collection Of Illustrated Christmas Adventures, Starring Twelve Incarnations Of The Doctor Plus Many Of His Friends And EnemiesInside This Festive Book Of Doctor Who Stories, You Ll Find Timey Wimey Mysteries, Travels In The TARDIS, Monster Chasing Excitement And Plenty Of Christmas Magic Find Out What Happens When The Third Doctor Meets Jackie Tyler, The Seventh Doctor And Ace Encounter An Alien At Macy S Department Store, And The Ninth Doctor Tries To Get Rose A Red Bicycle For ChristmasWith Stories By Jacqueline Rayner, Colin Brake, Richard Dungworth, Mike Tucker, Gary Russell And Scott Handcock, Plus Twelve Original Illustrations By Artists Including The Award Winning Rob Biddulph

Free Doctor Who   – rading–
  • Hardcover
  • 318 pages
  • Doctor Who
  • Jacqueline Rayner
  • English
  • 04 June 2017
  • 9781405928953

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About the Author: Jacqueline Rayner

Jacqueline Rayner is a best selling British author, best known for her work with the licensed fiction based on the long running British science fiction television series Doctor Who.Her first professional writing credit came when she adapted Paul Cornell s Virgin New Adventure novel Oh No It Isn t for the audio format, the first release by Big Finish The novel featured the character of Bernice

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    The Doctor Xmas, like Bread Butter The general rating is an average sum result of the individual ratings given for each short story in the anthology. ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS By Jacqueline Rayner Nick HarrisRating 3 stars The First Doctor, along with Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright and Vicki Pallister, arrive to England, just in time for Christmas in 1963, however things aren t like they supposed to be, and for a strange reason, some stuff is just odd A COMEDY OF TERRORS By Colin Brake Melissa Castrill nRating 4 stars The Second Doctor, along with Jamie McCrimmon Zoe Heriot, arrive to a spaceship in travel to a planet, part of a vast interestellar kingdom There, they, have to pretend to be Shakespearean actors, while they investigate a menace against the princess soon to be crowned THE CHRISTMAS INVERSION By Jacqueline Rayner Sara GianassiRating 4 stars The Third Doctor, along with Jo Grant Capt Mike Yates, arrive to London, just in time for Xmas in 2006, but if you know well the New Series era, you know that there was already there another regeneration of The Doctor, so they need the assistance of Jackie Taylor Rose Taylor s mom to avoid a time travel mess THREE WISE MEN By Richard Dungworth Rob BiddulphRating 3 stars The Fourth Doctor K9 are stranded in orbit around Earth on the TARDIS, since the time ship needs several very special spare parts to work again, and only UNIT has that kind of technology, but since they re in space, the trouble of reaching the TARDIS is absurdly impossible However, luckily the date is December 24th, 1968, so if you know something about history, you ll figure out a way to accomplish the impossible SONTAR S LITTLE HELPERS By Mike Tucker Staffan GnosspeliusRating 5 stars The Fifth Doctor, along with Tegan Jovanka Vislor Turlough, attend a SOS signal in deep space from a space cargo vessel carrying toys for a Human Colony due to arrive in Xmas, however, they find a young Sontaran warrior decided to make his coming to age test with them FAIRY TALE OF NEW NEW YORK By Gary Russell Stewart EastonRating 5 stars The Sixth Doctor Melanie Bush arrive to a space hospital vessel, that it s manned by a crew of Catkind nurse sisters, part of the Sister of the Plenitude, taking care of a group of frightened kids It s up to The Doctor Mel to find out why the kids are so scared and what secret hides in that space hospital vessel THE GROTTO By Mike Tucker Charlie SutcliffeRating 3 stars The Seventh Doctor Ace arrive to New York and soon they have to mount a hunting mission against a strange alien monster through the Macy s store during xmas time GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PAST By Scott Handcock Jennifer SkempRating 4 stars The Eighth Doctor is taking a brief rest, in the middle of the Time War, when he finds himself trapped in a second, unable to move forward of backwards, and soon he notices that he s not alone in the TARDIS THE RED BICYCLE By Gary Russell Rohan EasonRating 3 stars The Ninth Doctor puts to the test, making a very small change in history, to improve the childhood of Rose Tyler on Xmas, however, the kind deed will become complicated than expected LOOSE WIRE By Richard Dungworth Captain KrissRating 5 stars The Tenth Doctor faces again the Wire, during Xmas time, in a 21st Century, where with high speed internet and bluetooth technology, it will become the worst case scenario to deal against such villain THE GIFT By Scott Handcock Various artistsRating 5 stars The Eleventh Doctor deals with an alien stranded at Earth during xmas time, and the spirit of the holidays will cause a tremendous effect at the origin world of the alien THE PERSISTENCE OF MEMORY By Colin Brake Tom DuxburyRating 5 stars The Twelfth Doctor takes a young boy to look after the mystery of the Loch Ness Monster, however, while The Doctor thought to know already the reason behind the myth, an ancient opponent will appear to cause mischief.

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    2016 Book Awards awarded to Ghost of Christmas Past Runner Up Best Short Story 2016 awarded to The Gift information about these awards on my blog On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to methe Twelve Doctors Christmas stories yeah, that rhyme didn t work, moving on This was the best thing ever to listen to while Christmas cleaning an entire house I loved that there was one story for each Doctor, because I ve been missing the old ones.No, not all of the stories were 5 stars but so, so many of them were spot on perfect There were fun stories, sad stories, dramatic stories, action filled stories, stories focusing on adults, stories focusing on kids and the references throughout the entire thing were amazing.In short, I might have found a new Christmas tradition.

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    1 All I want for Chirstmas by Jacqueline Rayner 4 out of 5 Stars2 A Comedy of Terrors by Colin Brake 4,5 out of 5 Stars3 The Christmas Inversion by Jacqueline Rayner 5 out of 5 Stars4 Three Wise Men by Richard Dungworth 3 out of 5 Stars5 Sontars Little Helpers by Mike Tucker 3 out of 5 Stars6 Fairy Tale of New York by Gary Russell 4,5 out of 5 Stars7 The Grotto by Mike Tucker 3,5 out of 5 Stars8 Ghost of Christmas Past by Scott Handcock 4 out of 5 Stars9 The Red Bycycle by Gary Russell 3 out of 5 Stars10 Loose Wire by Richard Dungworth 5 out of 5 Stars11 The Gift by Scott Handcock 5 out of 5 Stars12 The Persistance of Memory by Colin Brake 3,4 out of 5 Stars

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    looks at rating Yep Not five stars as in the best thing in the history of everything, EVER , but undoubtedly the best Doctor Who short story anthology I ve read anyone who has seen me read short stories before probably knows I grumble a lot as it s a format that, often than not, just plain doesn t seem to work for me when it comes to published tie in fiction and basically, I can t really find anything to complain about.I enjoyed each and every story some probably a bit than others, but even the weakest ones and I d be hard pressed to point at which ones they were Five, Six and Seven, if I must, I suppose were enjoyable little fully formed, well paced little tales in their own right.Favourites The Third Doctor s story was a wonderful delight, actually making me laugh out loud The Fourth Doctor story was unexpected and random in a brilliant way The Twelfth Doctor s was one of the best ones I ve read for my favourite incarnation.And the illustrations Each by a different artist, so naturally there were some I preferred and other styles I m not so keen on, but it s such a long time since I ve read a book with proper illustrations and, as it happened, the one for the Twelfth Doctor story was just perfect I m not kidding if I could, I d buy a print of it, frame it and hang it on my wall , so, yeah.No complaints I loved this Such a warm, lovely, collection of clever little stories, kind and Christmassy without being overly sweet or cloying.

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    I m a huge Doctor Who fan plus Christmas is my favorite time of the year I m basically Buddy the Elf so when I found out about this christmassy Doctor Who anthology of course there was no way of not buying it All of the Doctors are having their own little Christmas adventure, sounds like so much fun, doesn t it I pretty much loved all of the twelve short stories enjoyed some rather than others though, only because I only know the new doctors so reading about the old doctors didn t make me very emotional since I ve never heard of them before.All stories are packed with some fun things and references for mostly classic but also new fans I would say There s for example the third doctor hanging out with Jackie Tylor, Rose s mother, in The Christmas Inversion which was one of my favorite short stories, even though I ve never met the third Doctor before but I love Jackie and Rose is by far my favorite Doctor Who companion That is also why Roses Red Bicycle has got to be my favorite short story I love how much the Doctor grew on her I loved it so much that Rose was mentioned so many times in this book, but Martha and Donna for example weren t neither were Amy and Rory or even Clara I love so much how important Rose seems to all Doctor Who fans and that made me enjoy this book even .I also loved that there were so many references to some of the TV shows episodes, like sequels to one of the stories shown on TV, such as for example Rose s Red Bicycle but also Loose Wire which is the story with the Tenth Doctor, my all time favorite Doctor.Every story in this collection offers something to love and it is guaranteed to bring a smile on every Whovian s face, I m sure.There are also insanely beautiful illustrations for each story I honestly had to stop and stare at some of them because they are just so gorgeous.I m sure, since I only know the newer version of the show, the one from 2005, I missed a lot of references in the stories but I did check quite a few times and looked up the characters and it was so nice to see that almost all characters in the stories were on the show as well Not all of them though some of the Doctors even met some new characters in their stories, which was also very nice and fun to read about.I found all short stories very enjoyable, even those with unfamiliar characters so don t skip the Doctors you don t know because you will miss on some great stuff if you do Especially the story with the third Doctor is so good and really worth reading, especially when you love Jackie Tyler.If you are a Doctor Who fan, you will enjoy this book a lot If you ve never seen the show before but are still into aliens and Christmas and stuff, you may want to give it a try but I think the book is most enjoyable if you also watch the show I read it a couple of days after Christmas and it kept the Christmas spirit alive for a little longer It was such a fun read with great characters don t expect to get to know the characters in depth though, these are only short stories and gorgeous illustrations Also the cover is beyond beautiful This book makes a great gift, Christmas gift especially and is perfect to read around Christmas time unless you feel the Christmas blues coming a bit early But I would definitely recommend reading this book around Christmas and in the winter time So if you are a Doctor Who fan and didn t know this book existed I would recommend you to keep it in mind for next year maybe.

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    As most doctor who books I ve read so far this one was amazing too.As always there are some stories I loved, some I liked and one that didn t do it so much for me.But overall it was a fantastic, action packed, christmassy and entertaining read that I enjoyed a lot and will most likely reread next Christmas.

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    I really enjoyed this collection of short stories about all of the first 12 doctors and their christmas adventures My favorites were 10 and 11 who also happen to be my two favorite doctors Great anthology for any Dr Who fans.

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    I really only liked 3 out of 12 stories but the idea was cute.

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    This book was just a plain fun read There were certain stories about which I didn t get too excited or I had trouble getting through, and there were others which I completely ate up before I realized I had But either way, it was nice to be back in the world of Doctor Who and it reminded me how much and how long I ve loved it It even encouraged me to go back and watch the previous season which I hadn t gotten to yet Add in some lovely artwork I didn t love it all, but there were several really great illustrations , and you have a delightful Christmastime read.By individual story First Doctor 4 Stars I always loved Ian, Barbara, and Vicki, the story was warm and Christmas y, and the art perfect.Second Doctor 3 Stars I felt like the writer truly captured Jamie and Zoe both of whom I love , and though the story was predictable and silly, it suited the characters The art was kind of neat too.Third Doctor 3 Stars I loved the art, as well as the moment between Jo and the Doctor at the end I even appreciated going behind the scenes of a New Who story with Jackie, and the introspection it brought to Jo But in general I found it a little convoluted and a few things played up a little too much.Fourth Doctor 2.5 Stars Too much NASA and not enough Doctor especially considering it was Four The end almost bumped it up to a 3, but it would have involved some time travel rule breakage in a nonsensical way, which actually wasn t necessary It just felt like there were too many missed opportunities to make it a great story The art was cute.Fifth Doctor 3 Stars This one was a decent Doctor story, but just not great for a Christmas themed book I don t remember much about Turlough, but Tegan was quite well captured in this story I didn t much like the art style.Sixth Doctor 4 stars The story was actually really nice a plot that seems creepy and threatening and then turns into a happy thing with a very solid Christmas ending I felt like the art was a missed opportunity They could have drawn something very fun or warm, considering the plot, and instead we got a window of a spaceship.Seventh Doctor 2.5 Stars Again, it was a solid enough Doctor plot, but the story as a whole just didn t capture my attention I liked the art though.Eighth Doctor 2.5 Stars This story didn t capture my attention either, and I m not sure if it s the dismal nature of the story or the fact that I ve never actually watched the Eighth Doctor movie I really loved the inclusion of Susan and the Doctor s role as a grandfather though The art was great I just wished I cared about the story it represented.Ninth Doctor 3 Stars I liked that it was a Rose story without much Rose in it, because I got to appreciate her relationship with Nine from afar I m not quite convinced that the Doctor was well captured in it and I didn t love the villain, but it wasn t bad Just okay The art was great.Tenth Doctor 3.5 Stars I really liked this story, though it wasn t quite Christmas y It was pretty Ten though, and I liked Alice The art was really nice too Eleventh Doctor 4 Stars Another story that was quite good at capturing the Doctor, and this one was also very Christmas like This was one of my favorites in the whole collection I didn t love the art style, but the image it portrayed was heartwarming.Twelfth Doctor 3.5 Stars I liked the story in general, and the callback to the Meddling Monk, but the ending was kind of a downer for me The art was neat, but again, I felt like it was a missed opportunity So many other things could have been portrayed besides the back of the Doctor s head, and a lake with a disappearing monster especially with such a lovely art style.Oh, and the picture on the last page Perfect.

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    So, I needed to switch up genres a little because there are WAY to many schmaltzy Romance Christmas novels not like I don t love a good Romance But, I m sure you guys want to hear about something different and I wanted to READ something different Well, my geeky little heart could not turn this one down A compilation of short stories starting with the First Doctor and ending with the Twelfth duh all written by different Authors I was worried that these stories were just going to be Fan Service and I would just be reading about your typical Daleks, Weeping Angels, Cybermen, etc kind of boring But, NO There is mention of the regular things we know and love, but these were very interesting new stories with interesting and new problems I was surprisingly pleased Whats s all this about Christmas asked the Doctor We were just indulging in a spot of Nostalgia Ian replied, remeniscing about long ago The past is never Long Ago when you have a Time Machine I recommend this book as a nice easy read that you can pick up and put down whenever you have a spare moment It s a Doctor Who Fan s Christmas Miracle

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