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Ladies Who Punch LikeFire Fury, The Gossipy Real Life Soap Opera Behind A Serious Show When Barbara Walters Launched The View, Network Executives Told Her That Hosting It Would Tarnish Her Reputation Instead, Within Ten Years, She D Revolutionized Morning TV And Made Household Names Of Her Co Hosts Joy Behar, Star Jones, Meredith Vieira And Elisabeth Hasselbeck But The Daily Chatfest Didn T Just Comment On The News It Became The News And The Headlines Barely Scratched The Surface.Based On Stunning Interviews With Nearly Every Host And Unprecedented Access, Award Winning Journalist Ramin Setoodeh Takes You Backstage Where The Stars Really Spoke Their Minds Here S The Full Story Of How Star, Then Rosie, Then Whoopi Tried To Take Over The Show, While Barbara Struggled To Maintain Control Of It All, A Modern Day Lear With Her Media Savvy Daughters You Ll Read About How So Many Co Hosts Had A Tough Time Fitting In, Suffered Humiliations At The Table, Then Pushed Themselves Away, Feeling Betrayed One Nearly Quitting During A Commercial Meanwhile, The Director Was Being Driven Insane, Especially By Rosie.Setoodeh Uncovers The Truth About Star S Weight Loss And Wedding Madness Rosie S Feud With Trump Whoopi S Toxic Relationship With Rosie Barbara S Difficulty Stepping Away Plus, All The Unseen Hugs, Snubs, Tears And One Dead Rodent Ladies Who Punch Shows Why The View Can Be Mimicked And Mocked, But It Can Never Be Matched.

Free Download Ladies Who Punch   – rading–
  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • Ladies Who Punch
  • Ramin Setoodeh
  • English
  • 06 November 2019
  • 9781250112095

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About the Author: Ramin Setoodeh

Ramin Setoodeh, an award winning journalist, is the New York bureau chief for Variety He was formerly a senior writer at Newsweek and has also written for The Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, and U.S News World Report, among other publications Ladies Who Punch is his first book He lives in New York City.

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    I knew that Rosie O Donnell had mental health problems before I read this book, but after reading it, I wonder about the mental health of several other former co hosts, including Barbara Walters who seems to have had mild dementia near the end of her reign and Elisabeth Hasselbeck I also changed my mind about which co hosts were the most and least likable Of the original hosts, Star seemed to be the least likable because of her narcissistic, diva behavior, but in this book, she admits her mistakes and so seems likable of course, she cooperated with the writer, so she might also be trying to resurrect her career, maybe even book a return to the View table like Joy and Rosie Joy and Meredith s reputations are unscathed in this book, but Barbara comes off as only slightly likable than Rosie Whoopi also is less likable in the book maybe because she didn t cooperate with the author The most int...

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    Perfect Absolute bliss Wish it were twice as long.

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    Very interesting read about the behind the senses of the show The View It was fun going to YouTube and reviewing the footage of thing that were discussed.

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    I wonder if Barbara Walters and longtime sidekick Bill Geddie sought out the opinion of a personality psychologist prior to presenting the world with Barbara s dream baby, The View I ve always wanted to do a show with women of different generations, backgrounds, and views and in a perfect world, I d get to join the group whenever I wanted I m convinced that on some level, the many implications associated with her dream show and the unintended consequences were not only predictable, but exactly the kind of very close to the edge entertainment Walters wholeheartedly wished for when she wrapped up her opening remarks with the ominous caveat, be careful what you wish for A little piece of inner voice verbal monologue or a curse cackled by the aging mother hen Either side you align with, some strong arguments for both strategies follow in Ladies Who Punch Setoodeh s hot new tell all is no big surprises a salacious piece of schmagg that appeals to the catty inclinations most of us deny having Pure Schadenfreud y fun Just the kind of petty nastiness that whets our appetites and allows us to wickedly pick at the cadre of icons and lesser known beautiful rich people that buy their kids way into colleges, escape legal justice, or host a powerf...

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    Meh.Rich women taking themselves and their lives far far too seriously as they contribute to the decline of American discourse.

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    Ladies Who Punch boasts an impressive amount of research and original interview content as it documents one of the most iconic talk shows of all time Unfortunately, the author comes off a bit like Bravo s insufferable Andy Cohen in certain sections I have no interest in hearing a man describe commentary by the smart and successful women of The View as bitchy Being gay doesn t excuse misogyny This shoudn t need to be explained in 2019.That said, the good outweighs the bad here...

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    The power that this book has the international implications that this book has

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    Holy cow So much to wrap my head around This book is exactly why I don t watch The View any So much juice and I loved learning about what really happens behind the scenes but wowtotal toxicity

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    A delicious and savory read It s everything I thought backstage at The View to beand The backbiting, the betrayals, the b slapping well, no confirmation of the latter but the book certainly lives up to its title Consider this tea spilt

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    Everything and I could want in a book I ve always felt very proud that I could I say I watched the Rosie Elisabeth fight live on television I knew it was history making I think this guy needs to write a tell on Rosie O Donnell s whole life next I could read about her all day I think she s a genius but with genius often comes crazy It s amazing how he got so many of them to be so open and candid with h...

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