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Wham! George & Me For The First Time, Andrew Ridgeley One Half Of One Of The Most Famous Bands In The World Tells The Inside Story Of Wham And His Life Long Friendship With George Michael It Is , Watford, And Two Teenagers, George And Andrew, Meet For The First Time Bonding Over Their Love For Singing, Song Writing And Pop Music, Together They Set Out To Follow An Impossible Dream They Didn T Know It Then, But They Were Taking Their First Steps Towards Forming Wham , A Band That Was To Become One Of The Biggest In The WorldWham Were The Soundtrack Of The S Whether It Was Choosing Life Or Live Aid, The Decade Of Flamboyance And Fun Was A Party That Seemed Like It Would Never End But It Had To Stop Somewhere And That Was In Front Of Tens Of Thousands Of Tearful Fans At Wembley Stadium In In Wham George And Me, Andrew Ridgeley Tells The Story Of Wham From The Day They Met To That Iconic Final Concert For The First Time, He Reveals What It Was Like Being At The Centre Of A Pop Hurricane And Talks Of His Love For And Friendship With George It S A Story Only He Can Tell AVAILABLE TO PRE ORDER NOW

Free Download Wham! George & Me   – rading–
  • Kindle Edition
  • 297 pages
  • Wham! George & Me
  • Andrew Ridgeley
  • English
  • 01 July 2018

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About the Author: Andrew Ridgeley

Andrew Ridgeley is an English singer, songwriter, and record producer He is best known for his work in the 1980s as a member of the musical duo Wham

10 thoughts on “Wham! George & Me

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    This book was a beautifully written story of friendship Andrew Ridgeley shares his life story from how his parents met, through his meeting George Michael and days in Wham to life after Wham and his and Shirlie s and Pepsi s tribute to George at the Brits It s such a great read that I couldn t put it down and read it all in one setting Thank you Andrew for writing this book and sharing your memories and pictures with everyone who reads this book.

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    Who didn t love Wham I loved listening to this book narrated by Andrew Ridgeley himself The story of him and George growing up, their shared love of music and their quest to be famous It was fabulous So many memories I cried when he talked about the passing of his best friend, I got Goosebumps when he talked about the Final.Can t recommend this book

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    A great readAfter reading several biographies of George and reading I m Coming To Take You To Lunch by Wham s manager Simon Napier Bell it was blast to read the story from a different perspective, especially from the other main man who was thereConcise and to the point Couldn t put it down.If you re big fan of Wham and George Michael then this is a must read Even if you re not, read it anyway Enjoy it I did

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    20191018 Good natured, sweet, and vaguely shallow, kind of like Wham itself I did appreciate Ridgeley s sincere narration his admiration of and deference to George Michael s superior talent was touching Some bits were pretty defensive, which surprised me mostly because I wasn t paying enough attention to the press around the band at the time to hear how thoroughly he was trashed by the media I enjoyed the view into George and Andrew s early friendship, but the story really thinned out once the band took off probably because that s when their friendship thinned out as well I m glad I listened to it, but I wouldn t recommend it to anyone except the keenest of Wham fans.

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    Admittedly, I m the girl who would see the guy tagging along with George Michael on TV and videos, or in my teen magazines, and say, Who s that guy that s always with George Michael In my mind Wham was always George Michael and some dancers, including some vague other guyI kind of still feel that way after reading this book While it s fun to hear about the beginnings of the band, their high school years together, their friendship, and stories spanning their career, I probably would not have immediately dropped twenty bucks on this book were it not for George Michael s face on the cover and his name in the title.This book kind of reminds me of the book Cured, by Lol Tolhurst, in which he tells the stories of the beginning of The Cure and his friendship during the band s very formative years between himself and Robert Smith.The two books are alike in that they come across as a means to justify the past and straighten out the public s perception of who they were and what part they played in the success of the band Both books seem somewhat of a grasping effort to take the credit the authors feel they deserved but were never openly lavished with in the hayday of their careers.A lot of, Well I helped write that song but I let George take all the credit I mean, I m not complaining at all I got my tasty fix of some juicy George details, and Andrew Ridgeley s book debuted number 3 on the UK s top 10 books this week I know from reading his book that his position on the charts is very important to him, so congrats Mr Ridgely, on the success of your new book And thank you for sharing your memories with George Michael fans everywhere.

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    A quick read Wham wasn t around too long in the scheme of things about the power of a beautiful friendship between Ridgeley and George Michael I really enjoyed the funny captions for Ridgeley s photos, many of which I had never seen before I also enjoyed reliving the 80 s, even wondering if Ridgeley had a crush on the Durans It seems like he mentions them a lot Great book, though Have your tissues ready.

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    I loved wham from the age of 12, my fave was always George And have followed George s career since Have always loved his voice One of my biggest regrets was never seeing wham or George live I was given tickets for wham the final, but couldn t make due to a holiday booked This book is a must read, Andrew telling their story from the beginning and was from the heart What a beautiful friendship they had It s was lovely to read, how they met and supported each other through thick and thin While I was reading the book and Andrew was describing each song and video they filmed, I stopped and would watch each one on u tube This really brought the book and George and Andrew to life Would defo recommend doing this Like other reviews, this book made me laugh out loud and actually sob at the end, remembering that day when I heard that George had passed away I still absolutely love their music, and play it regularly Thank you to Andrew for letting us read all about wham from the start

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    Like most teenagers in the 1980,s I remember listening to Wham THINKING GEORGE HAD AMAZING HAIR AND ANDREW WAS CUTE AND THAT IT WAS TOO BAD IF MY PARENTS HATED THEIR MUSIC This was a very poignant story, you could feel the love and admiration that Andrew felt for George, this book was an intimate glimpse into their friendship and time in the spotlight.

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    Absolutely loved this book, really well written with some lovely photos and stories.A fitting tribute to Wham and George.

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    I loved this An interesting insight into the Wham years of which I remember fondly and I was a big fan.

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