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Face ItI Was Saying Things In Songs That Female Singers Didn T Really Say Back Then I Wasn T Submissive Or Begging Him To Come Back, I Was Kicking His Ass, Kicking Him Out, Kicking My Own Ass Too My Blondie Character Was An Inflatable Doll But With A Dark, Provocative, Aggressive Side I Was Playing It Up, Yet I Was Very Serious BRAVE, BEAUTIFUL AND BORN TO BE PUNK DEBBIE HARRY Is A Musician, Actor, Activist And The Iconic Face Of New York City Cool As The Front Woman Of Blondie, She And The Band Forged A New Sound That Brought Together The Worlds Of Rock, Punk, Disco, Reggae And Hip Hop To Create Some Of The Most Beloved Pop Songs Of All Time As A Muse, She Collaborated With Some Of The Boldest Artists Of The Past Four Decades The Scope Of Debbie Harry S Impact On Our Culture Has Been Matched Only By Her Reticence To Reveal Her Rich Inner Life Until NowIn An Arresting Mix Of Visceral, Soulful Storytelling And Stunning Visuals That Includes Never Before Seen Photographs, Bespoke Illustrations And Fan Art Installations, Face It Upends The Standard Music Memoir While Delivering A Truly Prismatic Portrait With All The Grit, Grime, And Glory Recounted In Intimate Detail, Face It Recreates The Downtown Scene Of S New York City, Where Blondie Played Alongside The Ramones, Television, Talking Heads, Iggy Pop And David BowieFollowing Her Path From Glorious Commercial Success To Heroin Addiction, The Near Death Of Partner Chris Stein, A Heart Wrenching Bankruptcy, And Blondie S Break Up As A Band To Her Multifaceted Acting Career In Than Thirty Films, A Stunning Solo Career And The Triumphant Return Of Her Band, And Her Tireless Advocacy For The Environment And LGBTQ Rights, Face It Is A Cinematic Story Of A Woman Who Made Her Own Path, And Set The Standard For A Generation Of Artists Who Followed In Her Footsteps A Memoir As Dynamic As Its Subject

Reading Face It  – rading–
  • Kindle Edition
  • 320 pages
  • Face It
  • Debbie Harry
  • 13 July 2018

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About the Author: Debbie Harry

Deborah Ann Harry is a Golden Globe nominated and Grammy Award winning singer songwriter and actress most famous for being the lead singer for the punk rock new wave band Blondie She has also had some success as a solo artist, recording five solo albums and has sold then 7 million records In the mid 1990s she also performed and recorded as part of the Jazz Passengers Harry has also engaged

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    4.5 starsAlthough I have fond memories of listening to the music of Blondie and watching the videos of the winsome Debbie Harry prancing in front of the camera, I wasn t a mega fan and never followed her career after the break up of the band However, that didn t stop me from anxiously awaiting my early reading copy that promised to be revealing and compelling and I was not disappointed.I hate coyness in memoirs so I appreciated Debbie letting loose with names along with her honest feelings and opinions of her talent, looks, friends, and past relationships Not being familiar with the punk music scene of the 1970s I couldn t name a Ramones song to save my life , some of the name dropping went over my head but I was captivated by her stories that were heartbreaking Chris Stein s illness , infuriating bankruptcy due to ignorance , and hilarious Penn Jillette s hot tub invention due to Debbie s rant The tone is chatty and personal it read as if the editor let her have reasonably free rein , and I had to take frequent breaks to locate videos and photos mentioned in the narration And while Debbie is very candid, there is a feeling some of the really good stuff was omitted which is validated near the conclusion when she admits there are stories to tell but she is a private person and unsure if she ll divulge them at some future date This reader hopes she does Note I couldn t comment on the promoted artwork and photos as they weren t part of the advance copy Thanks to the publisher for advance reading copy.

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    It was ok She didn t really put a lot of emotion into it It was interesting but lacked detail of relationships and how she felt about some of the events It felt glossed over and lacking detail regarding her relationship breakdown etc however she mentioned she was a private person so that may explain it The photos in my kindle were too small to see clearly The artwork people sent her was interesting but took a lot of the book up A bit of a let down for me.

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    An interesting memoir I enjoy tales of the early days of the New York City punk scene and Blonde certainly had an important role in it You get a sense of the grittiness of those early days There are books that chronicle those times better Please Kill Me The Uncensored Oral History of Punk by Legs McNeil, Gillian McCain but hey, it s Debbie Harry nice to read her perspective of her journey and learn of how some of the band s top hits and records were created Impressive that she kept so many pieces of fan art which were nice to see.

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    Imagine you re at a Blondie concert in 2019 The band start vamping on one of their classic groovesmaybe it s Heart of Glass, maybe it s Rapture Then, Debbie Harry walks out to take the mic Stunning, instantly recognizable, a 74 year old music icon When the cheering dies down, she starts to tell the story of her life.It s funny, shocking, dry, poignant Mostly chronological, sometimes not Sometimes self deprecating, never self aggrandizing but then, Harry doesn t have to aggrandize herself She knows who she is, and what she does, and why you re there to see her do it Suddenly, nine hours have gone by You could stand there listening for longer, but she lets you go because she knows you probably have to pee like a racehorse.You may be starting to have some idea of what it s like to read Debbie Harry s new memoir I reviewed Face It for The Current.

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    2.5 meh Debbie Harry is 74 and I m sure she s lived a colorful and interesting life, but the only real interesting parts of this seem to be made up view spoiler she claims to remember being three months old, as a child she had bedroom eyes and always received a lot of sexual attention , she says she was almost kidnapped by Ted Bundy which has been debunked several times, she s claims to be psychic, she was raped at knifepoint but it didn t really bother her because she was worried about their stolen equipment, etc I m sure there were , but I can t think of everything right now hide spoiler

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    Shame he dies in the end.

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    Well that s shattered my memories of my early teenage years when I bought Heart of Glass as my first single and thought Debbie Harry was cold as ice cream but still as sweet Sunday Girl.

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    I wish Debbie was my mom

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    A fair bit of repetitive and a lot about her good looks.

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    I really loved it, because I have loved Debbie Harry since 1977 I listened to it non stop over 2 days.As you can expect a lot of it is about sex, drugs and rock n roll which to me made interesting reading Compared to her, you have led a boring life Safer, but boring.I always wanted to know about the period when Chris Stein got sick and that was a heartbreaking account Also, the part when they were penniless due to the tax issues they got into With so much potential wealth possible, it seem pointless that the tax authorities should drive people into the ground Surely some arrangement would be better to pay off the bill Tour for the tax man What made it for me was that it was in her own voice I enjoyed that so much.

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