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Rock Star Axel Wainwright British Rock God Bad BoyHe Sets The Crowds On Fire With His Voice And His WordsSinging Backup For Him Is My Dream JobMy Big Chance To Get Recognised And Become A StarMusic Is My Life And Now It Consumes MeHE Consumes MeBut I Have My Career To Think About I Ve Worked Years For ThisI Need To Keep My Distance From Axel, Or He Ll Burn Me To AshesExcept, Guess What The Best Laid Plans Have A Habit Of Going WrongMy Name Is Phoenix Johnson, And, Like Icarus, I Ve Flown Too Close To The Sun

Free Download Rock Star   – rading–
  • Rock Star
  • S.C. Daiko
  • English
  • 25 October 2019

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About the Author: S.C. Daiko

SC Daiko, aka Siobhan, is a bestselling British author of contemporary romance and romantic suspense When she isn t writing or looking after visitors, she loves to swim in the sea, travel around Europe, sample different food and enjoy local wine Siobhan has worked in the City of London and taught languages in a Welsh high school before moving to Italy, where she now lives with her husband and tw

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    All the rock star feels are within these pages The Hero is to die for God, he is sugary sweet Axel had me swooning, left, right, and center You have the drama The jealousy The lies Everything you d expect, including the hot sex I loved the hero s nickname for the heroine It wasn t the usual nickname I read in romance books The author nailed the songwriting and storytelling The story flowed perfectly S C created a hero worth loving I thought it was so sexy when the Hero admitted his jealousy in a romantic matter instead of an abusive matter Each time they voiced, I love yous, I swooned harder You did good, Firebird, his voice purred So proud of you Axel stared down at me, his eyes burning into mine Were you jealous Me Jealous My cheeks flamed As if You definitely were jealous He smirked Like I was when I saw you with Liam And I love you, Firebird So Fucking Much I pulled her back into my lap Your turn now, baby I angled my face and kissed her, my mouth crashing against hers, my tongue pushing between her lips And I love you, Axel So Fucking Much We kissed until I was ready for her again I slipped my fingers into her and smiled when I found she was also ready for me.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review Get comfortable before starting My eyes were glued to the pages until I finished reading it.

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    This is the first book that I have read by S.C Daiko and it certainly won t be the last I honestly didn t want to pause reading as I was hooked from the very first chapter. I loved it Rock Star focuses on Axel Wainwright who is the lead singer of the band ChiMera, and boy did he steal my heart from the word go He s everything you imagine a rock star to be, but he has been going through some difficult times and my heart ached for him All the band members are close a second family to each other and I loved their friendships and interactions Phoenix Johnson meets the band under strained circumstances I absolutely loved her character she s strong, focused, knows what she wants and is determined to achieve her goals However she also is facing some struggles in her personal life, which adds complications I loved that the book is written in dual POVs as I enjoyed getting both Axel and Pheonix s sides of their story It is an insta love romance but a couple of times whilst reading I felt that the declarations between the couple were just a little too soon, which is why I have rated this book 4.5 stars The issues raised by the author in this story were written and addressed well in my opinion It s a definite must read a book I would recommend without a second thought.

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    A brand new genre for S.C Daiko and it rocked Axel and Phoenix were an absolute joy to read about I couldn t put it down Sex drugs and rock n roll all come with this genre but add lust, loss and secrets and so much it gives an absolute amazing read I simply can t wait to read about these characters I didn t want it to end I absolutely loved it

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    Rockstar proved to be a most enjoyable read The elegant writing produced vibrant visuals and I couldn t help but fall in love with the characters Passion, heartache, family love this story had it all Can t wait to read from this series.

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    Axle was a play boy Rockstar who is running away and also trying to grieve for his sister over their untimely death what he didn t expect was to me Phoenix when he was auditioning for backup singers to filling for his sister to finish this tour is not expecting for her to turn his world upside down and put his broken heart back together a phoenix just went in to addition for the backup singer just to be able to help with her family issues she s not expecting was for Axle to turn our world upside down with his chocolate brown eyes and as cocky smile it turned out to be than just a rockstar Playboy can a caring and sensitive side he even let anyone see but her she was not looking for love and she end up finding it with him

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    I received this book as a arc for a honest review this book was beautiful intense heartfelt so will written loved axel and Phoenix this story hit a few thing that hit home to me on a personal level a must read ladies

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    Five stars for Axel and Phoenix I really loved this book This is the new genre for SC Daiko and she did an amazing job Rock Star is a rockstar romance book with a lot of emotions, drama, suspense but also hot scenes.Axel and Phoenix s chemistry is strong and intense.If you re looking for a rockstar romance book, this is definitely one you should read

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    Sex, drug and rock and roll is the image of the typical Rock Star or is it SC Daiko tells a sweet and romantic tale of Axel Wainwright the front man for the band ChiMera and Phoenix Johnson the girl with a musical dream With beautiful descriptions of the cities the band tours in across Europe and the UK, you can t help to fall in love along with the characters Rock Star still has its ups and downs and there is just enough emotional turmoil within the pages that keep you hanging on to see what happens next 5 stars for Rock Star by SC Daiko.Phoenix has always wanted to be a singer and she finally has her chance by auditing with the band ChiMera The job is a dream come true and the bonus is being with the gorgeous British singer Axel Wainwright Axel and the rest of the boys in the band have a rough road ahead of them after their time in rehab, but Axel seems to have found his muse The band has rules, rules that Axel has a hard time following The time they spend together the deeper they each fall, and Axel has the potential to destroy Phoenix on many levels Phoenix wants to trust and believe in the man she s falling for but how can he truly turn his life around and still be a Rock Star

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    This book sucked me straight in with the vivid depiction of the life of a rock star and a wannabe singer The story was so gripping and well written that I really couldn t put it down, I was hanging on to every word You can t go wrong with a great rock band story, in my opinion these sex, drugs and rock n roll stories just grab my attention every time The individual characters all had something to draw me in and make me love them, I got the hyped up emotions of their situation and felt it deep in my bones Phoenix is facing so many struggles in life and really needs a break and some good luck Her dream job is just around the corner so is her dream man although she s not looking for any kind of relationship Axel is exactly the kind of man I d do anything for rock god, sexy as hell and such a sweetheart that I could swoon just thinking about him I was cheering all of the characters on They are, yet another, family to me I feel like I know and love them all.This was my first book by S C Daiko but I am really looking forward to reading about of the band members in the rest of the series If they are all this well written, I am in for an unforgettable treat

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    How is it possible that SC Daiko can write so many different subgenres and still excell at every one Rock Star is a rockstar romance shocker But Daiko digs deep and discusses the hard to handle topic of drugs and addiction Our hero, Axel, is a recovering cocaine addict who is also the lead singer of the band ChiMera After his sister died of an overdose, he and the band decided to get clean When they decide to resume their tour they have to find a new backup singer In comes Phoenix Strong and resilient like her name sake, it didn t take long for Axel to fall But touring comes with a lot of pressure and it s a struggle for him not to fall back on old habits Daiko allows us a glimpse into the life of a rock star and the journey Axel takes to become a better man I highly, highly recommend Rock Star or any other SC Daiko book She never fails in giving us heat, passion, and inspiration to overcome your own demons.

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